Reuven Ashtar is a startup, media, and technology lawyer and strategic advisor. His intellectual property expertise enables clients to confidently approach challenges and opportunities extending beyond law, from marketing to funding and innovation.

Reuven empowers clients, including established companies and entrepreneurs, to generate new streams of revenue and growth. He does so by making connections across borders and industries, generating novel approaches and maximizing value by aligning incentives. He also acts as an agent for creators and influencers (such as YouTubers and Arcade Fire musicians) helping them to gain insight and access across the industry.

Reuven advises tech companies including Y Combinator startups. He proudly serves as a Judge for both McGill University's Dobson Cup startup competition and Venture for Canada’s National Fellow Selection Day. He writes and speaks regularly on digital innovation. His writing has appeared in the Yale Journal of Law & Technology and he has addressed the International Section of the New York State Bar Association.

Reuven holds law degrees from McGill University (BCL, LLB, with Distinction, Graduating Student Award) and the University of Toronto (BA, LLM, Graduate Fellowship in Innovation Law and Policy, Nathan Strauss QC Graduate Fellowship in International Law and Intellectual Property).


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Reuven regularly writes reports focused on his clients’ needs, from customer insight to competitor activity to marketing strategy.


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